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The Team

Sonny Bonacio


A lifelong resident of Saratoga Springs,  Sonny graduated from Saratoga Springs High School, earned his college degree in Construction Management, and started Bonacio Construction, Inc. in 1988. After 35 successful years, Sonny has grown Bonacio Construction and fellow companies, Bonacio Development and Bonacio Management, to become leaders in improving the architectural and economic landscape of the Northeast.

With Sonny’s leadership, Bonacio has developed over 2.8 million square feet of real estate in downtown Saratoga Springs and established the condominium and downtown apartment markets while perfecting mixed-use development. Sonny has pioneered the return of a downtown movie theater with the arrival of Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas, as well as restoring elements of history with The Washington, the former site of the Masonic Temple in the center of Broadway. Projects in downtown Troy have been a success, and Bonacio Construction’s presence has been part of a resurgence that the area has not experienced in decades. Glens Falls and Rome, NY, have been added to the list of cities being revitalized by Bonacio Construction projects.

Sonny runs Bonacio Construction with precision and integrity, earning the trust and respect of his colleagues, clients, and competitors. He has held numerous influential positions and has received well-deserved accolades and awards.

Awards & Achievements