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Rebuilding Together Saratoga County Volunteer Day 2024

Last Friday, we teamed up again with Rebuilding Together Saratoga County to help a neighbor in need! Employees from Bonacio, Bonacio Construction, Bonacio Development, and Bonacio Management came together to improve and stabilize the outside recreational spaces of a local woman’s home. Our work included the following:

  • At the front of the house, we converted a dirt sidewalk into a paver sidewalk.
  • The front deck was power washed, restabilized, and repainted.
  • On the side of the house, we dug a trench, fixed the gutter system, and installed water diverters to prevent erosion and allow for controlled water flow.
  • At the back of the house, we built a retaining wall by the back deck to prevent erosion.
  • We tore down the rotted-out back deck and constructed a new one.

Volunteering is always fun because we never know what the day will bring. While digging in the backyard, we were all surprised when we accidentally woke up a snake. We’re unsure who was more startled by this encounter, but we gently moved it away from the action and into the woods. We also were treated to a lunch of burgers and hot dogs courtesy of our grillmaster, Paul Lambert. 

In just one day, we got a lot of work done, and it was only possible because of our hardworking team! A special thanks goes out to them for stopping by and pitching in: 

  • Jesse Alexander, Estimator – Bonacio Construction
  • Gianna Bonacio, Project Manager – Bonacio Development
  • Tony Bonacio, Vice President – Bonacio
  • Joe Darrow, Director of Maintenance – Bonacio Management
  • Amanda DeRidder, Executive Assistant – Bonacio Construction
  • Jackie Goyette, Contract Administrator – Bonacio Construction
  • Jack Hopkins, Site Superintendent – Bonacio Construction
  • Steve Hopkins, Laborer – Bonacio Construction
  • Paul Lambert, Senior Project Manager – Bonacio Construction
  • Tom Marola, Estimator – Bonacio Construction
  • Amber Mathias, Director of Project Development – Bonacio Development
  • Iain Morse, Site Superintendent – Bonacio Construction
  • Amanda Pelfrey, Project Manager – Bonacio Construction
  • Mike Polcare, Director of Safety/Senior Site Supervisor – Bonacio Construction
  • Tim Ruland, Pre-Construction Manager – Bonacio Construction
  • Sarah Steepe, Contract Administrator – Bonacio Construction
  • Dustin Wetzel, President – Bonacio Construction