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Rome, NY, Deer Rescue

Our Rome, NY, team has had a lot of excitement recently! Last week, our PM Paul and Assistant PM Michael found a deer that had fallen into a catch basin. There was no way for the deer to get out by itself, so they had to do something. At first, they built a ramp with large cleats for the deer to get out on its own, but that didn’t work, not even with food placed on it as an incentive. So, Paul tied some rope, and Michael used it to lasso the deer by its rear legs, torso, and neck. They called in Will for extra help, and the 3 of them pulled the deer up to safety! It quickly ran away, and luckily, the lassoed rope fell off as the deer bolted. Watch the daring rescue below, along with pics of the deer in the basin.

(Video: PM Paul in safety vest and gray hat, Assistant PM Michael in black coat and brown beanie, and Will in maroon hoodie and brown baseball hat)