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Santa’s Cottage Celebrates 30 Years & Gets a Renovation

When we heard Santa’s Cottage needed renovations for its 30th anniversary, we jumped at the chance to spruce up this historic holiday landmark. Our Project Executive, Dustin Wetzel, worked with the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association to coordinate making some much-needed repairs while maintaining the cottage’s charm. As Dustin said, “It’s not a new cottage. We were very aware of this cottage’s long-standing history in our community, so we took great care to bring the original design back to life. We also heard that Santa had an incident last year, so we thought it prudent to give the big man updated wiring.”

While we always love the chance to give back to our community, this time around, our reasons for getting involved were a bit more personal, “Bonacio Construction’s Asset Manager Kate Jarosh and I have young kids,” Dustin said, “Kate’s are 2 and 6. Mine are 1, 3, and 5 years old. One of the reasons we jumped at the opportunity is actually quite selfish: it will ensure great memories of growing up here in Saratoga for our children and many of our friends in the community.”

Take a peek below at the progress of the cottage from start to finish:

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