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SSHS Civil Engineering & Architecture Class Walking Tour 

We always enjoy hosting students at our sites, so when Saratoga Springs High School teacher Karen Cavotta asked if she could bring her Civil Engineering and Architecture class to see some of our work, we knew just which projects to show them. Our Project Manager Greg acted as the tour guide as he took the students to 3 of our projects. The first stop was at the Moderne Condominiums, where Site Super Mike explained the building challenges of the site and how the green roof operates before walking them through a model unit. Next, the class met with Site Super Chris at Whitman Brewing to show them the work being done for the restaurant’s next phase and discuss what it’s like having a construction project in a historic building. The final stop was a quick look at the Rip Van Dam and Adelphi Hotel project. Assistant Director of Operations Chris and Site Super Jack brought out blueprints for the students to compare against how the building currently looks. While they weren’t allowed on the site, the students did get up to the fence for a closer look at the Bonacio Metal Shop setting structural steel for the atrium.