Boca Bistro


Taking a former pizzeria and jewelry gift shop, DZ Restaurants Inc. opened up their latest endevour, Boca Bistro. This 3,000 square foot restaurant seats approximaly 85 people and is fully handicap accessible. Original red brick removed from the interior walls was re-purposed to create the brick facing on the front of the building. Pressed tin discovered under the drywall and dropped ceiling was restored by using bronze paint to give the effect of an aged patina and repositioned on the restaurant’s new ceiling. Reclaimed wood was used to construct the tables, the wine cabinet and the glass racks over the bar. A raw and eclectic collection of lights including mason jars, Edison light bulbs, inverted garden pails and rock cages adds a warming glow to every corner of the restaurant.

Year Built: 2012
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Square Footage: 3,200
Architect: Hoffman Architects