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When Cantina decided to move a few doors down, its new restaurant location required many custom steel pieces. Existing steel joists were reinforced to accept new equipment loads. The existing fire stairwell wasn’t up to code and was replaced with a newly fabricated code-compliant stair, which was dropped in through the roof. The dining area’s grand stairwell was retrofitted with a new railing system. Privacy partitions between seating areas were created using plate steel laser cut with intricate designs and a custom paint finish. New “Bombay” style rails were added on the second floor, lining the new event space, The 408, and along the new patio of the rooftop bar. Also, on the second floor, structural steel columns were installed using red iron to reinforce the roof and The 408’s ceiling for the rooftop bar. The finishing piece of this project was the stairwell that connects the second floor to the roof.

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LaChapelle Photography

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The LA Group