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Franklin Square Market
When Price Chopper Limited moved out of Market Center, it was the perfect space for a new grocer, Franklin Square Market (formerly PDT Market). The fit-up was a dramatic change in the layout and feel from the more traditional grocery store it was previously. The new space is designed for all to eat, shop, and get together with hot and cold bars, a full-service bar, home goods, trivia nights, happy hour, and live music.

The bar itself was a group effort as Bonacio Steel custom-created the structure above the bar and installed foot rails lining the bottom. Our Woodshop team finished the bar with a 1/2 round wood and painted it blue. They also created a similar look in black that shows on the rounded corners of the bar’s overhead sign.

Our Woodshop was heavily involved in creating custom pieces for the space, including farm tables, stands for the hot and cold self-serve stations, the self-checkout and full-service point-of-sale stations, produce stands with crates, and swing doors connecting the café to the backroom. They made the long tables between the bar and display kitchen in the lounge, which were later affixed with granite tops. In the display kitchen, they made floating shelves that line the kitchen’s tiled wall and built large bi-fold doors that matched the cabinetry to cover the electric panels. Built-ins were added to the produce area, anchoring a refrigeration unit, and a disposal area was created on the opposite wall. The dark, charred-looking wood in these areas is shou sugi ban finishing. Our Woodshop made sure this finishing appears everywhere it needs to, including along the ceiling area and wrapped around the bottom of the store’s columns.

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