National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

Equine, Sports & Entertainment

Our Commercial Division worked with Frost Hurff Architects to remodel the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s existing space and create a multi-screen and interactive exhibit. The all-new Race Day Gallery features new walls, flooring, graphics, and trim with dedicated sections for the Track, the Winner’s Circle, the Paddocks, and Call the Race, where visitors can enter a sound booth and record audio tracks over notable races in history. The Hall of Fame is an immersive experience where a 16-minute film narrated by Bob Costas plays on screens against the new walls and on more screens that descend from the ceiling. Also, along the walls are large touch screens where visitors can learn more about the Hall of Fame inductees. Our Remodeling Division renovated the Gift Shop, giving it a modern, upgraded look. They installed plywood-backed walls, metal clothing racks, new cabinets, a new awning, new built-ins, and a 360-degree check-out desk created by the Bonacio Woodshop.

Photos by David Straight.

Year Built: 2020
Duration of Project: 8 months
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Square Footage: approx. 8,000
Architect: Frost Hurff Architects