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NBT Bank
Originally built as the Saratoga branch of City National Bank (now NBT Bank), this structure was designed with speculative office space alongside bank facilities to comply with the City’s zoning ordinance requirements. The charm of its exterior, with its brick facade and details on the floor-to-ceiling windows, reflects the heritage of Saratoga. The interior features an impressive 16-foot tall vaulted ceiling, glass window enclosed lobby, and conference room.

“What drew us to your company was your “Word of Mouth” reputation for quality and responsiveness. When we set out to have our Saratoga Springs Office built, it was our desire to have 295 Broadway serve as a flagship for future marketing and design… we all agreed the building needed to produce a feeling of warmth and at the same time utilize unique material combinations on the exterior and interior that would set us apart. Thank you for bringing everyone’s ideas to fruition. You not only completed our project on time and within budget, but exceeded our lofty expectations with the finished product. We consider our 295 Broadway location to be the “Gem” within our entire organization and will take every opportunity to present it as such.” Peter Brown, Asst. Vice President

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Olsen Associates, Architects