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Riverview Apartments at Corinth
Riverview Apartments at Corinth is a new affordable housing community brought to the area by RISE Housing and Support Services and Hudson River Community Credit Union. We are currently constructing the 3-story tall, approximately 61,900 SF building, which will house 30 supportive housing apartments, 15 senior housing apartments, and 15 community apartments.

New geothermal technology is being initiated on-site to heat and cool the building. Environmentally conscious and cost-effective, the geothermal system uses the earth for heat and thermal storage. Underground piping has been embedded beneath the parking lot, creating a loop that circulates fluid that absorbs or deposits heat. Since the earth’s ground temperature remains consistent throughout the year, when it’s colder outside than it is in the ground, a geothermal heat pump extracts heat, concentrates it, and transfers it back into the building. When it’s warmer outside, the heat pump extracts heat from the building, which dissipates in the ground. These pipes are connected to ductwork that carries the warmed or cooled air throughout the building.


RISE Housing and Support Services

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Re4orm Architecture

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Lansing Engineering PC