St. Clements Entry

Office & Retail Spaces

This project added a new entry antechamber to the Church as well as a complete renovation of the entire entry courtyard area extending from the church to the street. The project included custom built doors and etched window panels, custom lettered, radiuses sitting wall stones, and a new drainage system that has eliminated all standing water from the courtyard.

i recently had the opportunity to visit the St. Clements site which we worked together on last fall. It is all to rare an occasion that a designer can walk onto a site and be able to see his plans carried through as envisioned. It is even rarer occasion that upon reflection, a project not only carries out the vision, but the process went along effortlessly. Please pass on my thanks to the team and i look forward to working with Bonacio Construction again in the future.
Sincerely, C. Michael Ingersol, LA Group, P.C.

Year Built: 1999
Duration of Project: 4 Months
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
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