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The Van Raalte Mill
The Van Raalte Mill, at one time, was occupied by Van Raalte, a manufacturer of silk and veils, and then silk stockings and lingerie. The Mill closed in 1986, and 13 years later, many thought the building was beyond saving. It was abandoned, partly flooded, and parts of the building were starting to collapse. Along with a development partner, Bonacio Development purchased the building in 1999 with plans to save the oldest and most architecturally significant southwest end of the building and the 1960-era warehouse at the northeast end and convert them into office space. Bonacio Construction headed up the restoration and removed the middle section to create parking spaces. This initial restoration was complete in 2001 with further work completed later. The renovation of this property gave new life to a former bustling business that had deteriorated to near disrepair. The Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation further rewarded our efforts on this project with an award of recognition in the category of outstanding historic preservation projects.

Year Built:

1889 / RENOVATED IN 2001



Square Footage:




Landscape Architect:

The LA Group

Development Cost:



IronGlass Productions