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The Washington
The Washington is a mixed-use masterpiece built by Bonacio Construction and located on the site of the former Masonic Temple in the center of Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs. 422 Broadway has seen many changes over the years. The Masonic Temple building, built in 1870, housed street-level storefronts, including a Woolworth’s. The structure burned down in 1957 and was filled with a small public parking lot that had fallen into disrepair and closed for public use in 2010. Seeing an opportunity to rebuild the streetscape and to capture the history and grandeur of what originally stood there, Bonacio Development worked on developing plans for a mixed-use building with 14 luxury apartments and retail and commercial office space on the first and second floors. In addition, the design incorporated alleyways on either side of the building with a stairwell at the back connecting Broadway to businesses on Putnam Street, including the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Our development team was lucky to fill a significant portion of the commercial space, with Northshire Bookstore bringing a much-desired independent new bookshop that doubles as a family-friendly, community gathering spot. Since its completion, The Washington has maintained 100% residential occupancy and thriving retail businesses.

The Washington is proudly managed by Bonacio Management. Click here for information on leasing a unit.

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